Tsali Nez Gallery opened its doors in 2010 and through the years has established a reputation for quality jewelry and artifacts that speak to the legacy of the Native American people. Mark Suleiman, owner of Tsali Nez, strives to maintain true to the Native American culture in the items for sale in the gallery. The vast collection available feature many one-of-a-kind items that are sure to please even the most discerning buyer. Whether you are visiting our enchanted city or reside here in town, we hope that you will come visit us.

Tsali Hall is as much a fixture on the plaza as the gallery itself, and has been managing Tsali Nez since its inception. He is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and is knowledgable in not only the art of the Native American people, but also their traditions. His combined Navajo/Cherokee heritage and 10 plus years of experience in the jewelry industry make each visit to the gallery an insightful experience.

Mark Suleiman and his 20 plus years in the jewelry trade bring a dimension to the gallery that is unheard of in many shops on the plaza. His expertise is the perfect compliment to Tsali's Native American knowledge. Mark's primary goal has always been to build relationships with every customer who visits his gallery, so don't be surprised when he remembers you.

While nothing can compare to the experience of our gallery in person, we hope that in visiting our website you will be able to steal away a moment and lose yourself in the beauty of Santa Fe.