Black Ogre Kachina by Danny Nasingoetewa

Black Ogre Kachina
by Danny Nasingoetewa

Price: $3,900.00

About the kachina

Kachinas are given in hope of future wealth and wellbeing, and are often used teaching tool the next generation. These figures bridge young and old, as well as teach non-natives about the spiritual world. Each year, Kachinas come to bring life and renewal, when they return to the spiritual world they take the prayers of the native people with them.

The Black Ogre, "Nataska", is a fearsome disciplinarian for Hopi children. He carries a saw which he would use to make dreadful scraping noises as he comes to collect food. He has been captured mid-step as he dances to discipline the village children to keep them safe.

About Danny Nasingoetewa

Danny Nasingoetewa is a Hopi kachina carver who has gained popularity through the years and has won many awards.