Kevin Naranjo, "Turquoise Mountain", was born into the Santa Clara Pueblo in 1972. He specializes in hand coiled black/sienna Santa Clara sgrafitto pottery, usually with a wildlife theme that reflects his interest in hunting and fishing. He began to practice his craft at the young age of 10, inspired his family and his love for nature. He was taught to pot by his grandmother, Ursalita Naranjo, and his mother, famed potter Geri Naranjo. His sister is Monica Naranjo Romero. Among his many awards are a "Best of Division" at the 1999 Santa Fe Indian Market and a "Best of Pottery" and the 1992 Gallup Indian Ceremonial.

Kevin continues the long-lived traditions he was taught as a young boy. He gathers his own clay from the sacred grounds within Santa Clara Pueblo. Then he hand mixes, coils, shapes, crafts, and fires his pottery the traditional way, outdoors. Upon completion, Kevin signs his pottery as: Kevin Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo.

Photos courtesy of Cyndi Hall

Kevin Naranjo splitting the cedar.
Kevin Naranjo drying out the ground
Kevin Naranjo stacking the cedar to fire the pot.

Kevin Naranjo with pot in metal container.
Kevin Naranjo firing the pot.
Kevin Naranjo pouring on horse dung to blacken pot.

Kevin Naranjo pouring on the remaining dung.
Kevin Naranjo spreading dung by hand to ensure even smoking.
Kevin Naranjo letting it smoke.

Kevin Naranjo uncovering the pot.
Kevin Naranjo taking a peak.
Kevin Naranjo moving the hot pot.

Kevin Naranjo allowing pot to cool.
Kevin Naranjo pot before etching.
Kevin Naranjo applying red slip.

Kevin Naranjo etched pot.
Kevin Naranjo etched pot.