Turquoise and Red Coral Ring by Kirk Smith

Turquoise and Red Coral Ring
by Kirk Smith

Price: $1,499.00

About the ring

The handmade bezels of this ring hold three square turquoise stones and are surrounded by red coral beads. This piece combines the best of the "old pawn" pieces - artistry, craftsmanship, and traditional designs. In earlier years, "old pawn" jewelry was often considered a financial reserve for many Native American families. These handmade pieces were often pawned to meet family obligations, and reclaimed at a later date. Those that weren't able to be redeemed were sold by the shops on the reservations.

About Kirk Smith

Rayono "Kirk" Smith was a New Mexico native of Navajo decent. He was born in 1972, and learned his craft from his grandfather and Harry Morgan, his brother-in-law. Recently deceased, Kirk Smith's work was consisted of traditional silver jewelry, stampwork, and concha belts.