Crow Man Kachina by 
		Lauren Honyouti

Crow Man Kachina
by Lauren Honyouti

Price: $3,800.00

About the kachina

Kachinas are given in hope of future wealth and wellbeing, and are often used teaching tool the next generation. These figures bridge young and old, as well as teach non-natives about the spiritual world. Each year, Kachinas come to bring life and renewal, when they return to the spiritual world they take the prayers of the native people with them.

This wonderful kachina represents crow man, and displays fine lines in the details of the feathers on either side of his head, the turquoise necklace around his neck, and the yucca reed in his hand. Crow Man is a member of the warriors who make war on the clowns during the Plaza Dances. Here he is caught mid-step, ready to dispel any disobedience.

About Lauren Honyouti

Lauren Honyouti is the middle brother of the five Honyouti boys, and started carving full time in the early 1980's.