White Ogre Kachina by Milton Howard

White Ogre Kachina
by Milton Howard

Price: $3,500.00

About the kachina

Kachinas are given in hope of future wealth and wellbeing, and are often used teaching tool the next generation. These figures bridge young and old, as well as teach non-natives about the spiritual world. Each year, Kachinas come to bring life and renewal, when they return to the spiritual world they take the prayers of the native people with them.

Here is a white version of the Black Ogre ("Nataska") who is used to threaten small children when they misbehave. He carries a saw and bow and arrows for hunting. Dressed in a simple outfit, he awaits his food.

About Milton Howard

Born in 1964 on a Navajo-Hopi reservation in Arizona, Milton Howard started carving as a young boy. He was taught his craft by his uncles, and his favorite figures include: crow mother, badger kachina, and Hano clown.