Mong (Germ) Kachina by Sterling MacRae

Mong (Germ) Kachina
by Sterling MacRae

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About the kachina

Kachinas are given in hope of future wealth and wellbeing, and are often used teaching tool the next generation. These figures bridge young and old, as well as teach non-natives about the spiritual world. Each year, Kachinas come to bring life and renewal, when they return to the spiritual world they take the prayers of the native people with them.

Mong Kachina ("Ahola") represents the spirit of the germ god, Alosoka (a deity who controls the growth and reproduction of all things). He is one of thirty "official" kachinas who participate in five major religious ceremonies. He aids the Powamu Ceremony (bean planting) by bringing the rain. He is depicted as wearing a sash and a multi-colored cloak under his white shirt. He is also wearing a blue helmet and carries a staff.

About Sterling MacRae

Being of Hopi decent, this carver has won numerous awards.